With a top speed of 437 kmph, 0 to 100 in 2.65 sec and only five produced, this supercar should disappear faster than a blink!

0-100 kmph – 2.65 sec / 0-322kmph: 15.65 sec / Skidpad: 1.05 g / 100 – 0 kmph: 103 feet / Top speed: 437 kmph

Billionaires, take note and take possession. The rest – you and me – brace for a glimpse of the glorious badge of XT as it becomes visible to onlookers when the rear wings of the new Ultimate Aero are fully raised upon braking.

SSC North America, the American supercar manufacturer and creator of the Guinness World Record breaking Ultimate Aero, is offering a very “Limited Edition” of the Ultimate Aero to enthusiasts worldwide.  This extreme edition called the Ultimate Aero XT will include some key assemblies that will be featured in the upcoming Tuatara, which will grace the garages of its privileged customers some time next year. If you remember, the Tuatara, developed to become the world’s fastest production car, was launched at the Dubai International Motor show in November 2011.

1300 bhp @ 6800 rpm / 1384 Nm torque @ 6800 rpm / Redline: 9200 rpm / Transmission: 7-speed SMG paddle shift / Clutch: Triple Disc carbon clutch / Dry weight: 2800 lbs (1270 kg) Wheels: One piece carbon fibre, standard / Turning circle: 41.6 feet (12.68 m) / CD: .357

“We have just “raised the bar again” by adding some of the cutting-edge elements from our Tuatara, to this very small production run of Ultimate Aero XTs,” says Jerod Shelby, Founder, Lead Designer and CEO of SSC.

These five very unique, collectable Ultimate Aeros will be classified as the 2013 Ultimate Aero XT.  Each 2013 Ultimate Aero XT will feature a 1300 horsepower version of the Tuatara power plant, 7-speed Tuatara paddle shift and the Tuatara cooling and fuel system.

The mid engine rear drive Ultimate Aero XT has an excellent 44:56 weight ration between its front and rear.

The paint scheme chosen by the customer will never be used again on an Ultimate Aero or Tuatara.  When these last five Ultimate Aero XTs are sold, no more will be produced. Well, it really is a tribute to exclusivity itself!

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