Last Wednesday, if a Golf lover – the game and not the car mind you – enjoying a lovely game at the Emirates Golf Club would have taken an unusually long swing, he would have hit a nice looking Volvo V40 displayed in front of the Royal Majlis. Anyway, the new Volvo V40 plans to hit more than just the Golf – the car not the game – and the newly enriched premium hatchback segment as a whole. With characteristics from larger Volvos wrapped in a sleek, compact package, it is available in three variants with two engine options – 1.6 and 2.0 L Turbo – and offers up to a largely adequate 212 bhp powerhouse.

The Volvo V40 hits the GCC market almost 10 months after its worldwide launch, so we may assume a considered success story in the making.

Inspired by Volvo’s human-centric “Designed Around You” strategy, the all-new Volvo V40 is available in its R-design and Cross Country variants too. “The Volvo V40 is the first new model that is fully developed according to our human-centric, ‘Designed Around You’ strategy that summarizes our approach to understanding people. It is more than just a compact hatchback; it can be personalized to fit all needs”, said Emre Karaer, Sales and Marketing Director at Volvo Middle East.

According to Volvo, it is the most intelligent and safest car in the world

The new Volvo V40 certainly makes a dent with unprecedented safety and driver support features including Park Assist Pilot that takes the trouble out of parallel parking; Lane Keeping Aid that pulls you back into place; Enhanced Blind Spot Information System which warns of cars approaching rapidly from rear; Cross Traffic Alert that warns the driver of crossing traffic from the sides when reversing out of a parking space; Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake that is a first in its class; as well as the world’s first Pedestrian Airbag Technology.

The cabin belongs to the premium segment from the way it looks and feels.

What is Pedestrian Airbag Technology?

The Volvo V40 features newly developed Pedestrian Airbag Technology, a world first. Designed to mitigate unavoidable pedestrian collisions, sensors in the front bumper release and elevate the rear end of the bonnet by the deploying airbag, when a physical contact between the car and the pedestrian is registered.

The inflated airbag covers the area under the raised bonnet plus approximately one third of the windscreen area and the lower part of the A-pillar. The raised bonnet and airbag will help reduce the severity of pedestrian injuries. Cars with the Pedestrian Airbag technology are available in our region upon request.

The Volvo V40 populates your list that has already been accosted by the Alfa Giulietta, BMW one series, Mercedes A 250 and the Audi A3. In good company!

Volvo V40 Price UAE

The new Volvo V40 compares well with competitor prices ranging between AED 130,000 and 170,000 depending on the options equipped with. The rivals include the newly launched Mercedes Benz A 250, Audi A3, the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta and even the upcoming Golf GTI MK7.

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