The line up of sporty Volkswagens - Golf GTI, Golf R, Scirocco and Scirocco R in the pitlane

Al Nabooda Automobiles threw open the Dubai Autodrome’s international circuit to some wild card entries with the license to have fun – in other words, those who are part of what’s perhaps UAE’s largest “automotive cult”: The Golf GTI owners. Of course the cult has widened in the recent years to include the Golf R, the Scirocco and Scirocco R and the R32.

Michael of Dubai Autodrome briefed us, "The business of overtaking is for those who are behind you. Stay put on the driving lane in bends."

The Golf GTI has an uncanny knack of attracting all sorts of challenges, whether it wants it or not. From a Mustang to a Porsche 911, everyone seems to be tickled by this pint-sized package of bravado and it is not rare to find the powerhouses passing by ‘nudging the GTI to action’ – to set the roads on fire with a quick clip between the radars. The same goes for the VW’s stunning and sporty Scirocco R. While the prospect of having a defiant attitude that is an itch for the bullies is a different thing and the propriety of actually racing on the road is quite another.

The pre and post check were mandatory for the cars that took part in the track day - for safety's sake!

Which is why, all those Golf GTI and Scirocco drivers who bit it back on the road in the face of challenge, had a field day yesterday, at the Dubai Autodrome – a track day to be exact!

The Volkswagen Track Day promised its sports car owners “the thrill of the track” – just what a Golf or a Scirocco driver dream of all day, plying up and down the congested Dubai roads and celebrating the short stretches of recess listening to ‘blowouts’, which by the way is really sweet with the Golf R. They finally got the chance to celebrate a challenge among ‘equals’ and yet push the car to the limits they were yet unaware of!

The line up of sporty Volkswagens - Golf GTI, Golf R, Scirocco and Scirocco R in the pitlane

The turn out was pretty impressive and surprisingly bold – the track didn’t seem to bother anyone – with the briefest orientation for any track driver, they seemed to be comfortable enough to take on those curves and do everything but a nosedive at the corners. Many of them had turned up with families; spouses and friends geared up to be supportive passengers; and the rest of those who chose not to join in the cockpit cheered on, leaning against the Paddock gallery rails!

My drive for the day was a Scirocco R - With a willing 255 bhp output, it was easy to close in on 190 kmph before braking and turning for the apex.

For me too, behind the wheels of a 255 hp Scirocco R, the excitement shifted focus from the car even as it gathered pace quickly enough to approach the 200 mark just before pitching for the yellow cone across the sharp curve – the fun factor of throwing about a sexy new Scirocco R at the bends and almost finger-needling it to push the limits had taken over. The spirit of the VW track day had indeed caught up with me as well!

The sport line up from the Volkswagen Yas Marina event last week for the media - the Dubai Autodrome event was for Al Naboodah's enthusiastic customers.

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