A new year begins when the new officially happens. There is so much happening around my desk and on the road that even this hello had to wait! So, you might ask me, “so what’s new?” and I would say, “You will know.” What I can only tell you is that all that had been planned over the last 5 years have chosen 2017 to roll out.

2017 will see greater focus on experiences that would first entertain you, and then guide you towards them.

You have already been introduced to our much more active video department. Like the exclusive on Jenson Button farewell or the drive to Jebel Jais in search of snow – besides One Minute Drive, the world’s shortest complete reviews that give you all that matters.

And believe me, we are finding more and new ways to be useful to you, in knowing or owning a car. And in enjoying driving even more!

So that promise set in red, I turn to some exciting content that is already on its way. Recently someone asked me, ‘do you now review sports cars only?’ Look what revelling in a dozen 500 hp parties has done! And there are still a few more monsters to be let loose! Anyway, they will come – no stopping them! But right now, we are initiating another whole new series in 2017 Q1 minus January – top picks from each segment. This is particularly for those who are buying cars this year. Family cars, Quirky wheels, the Biggies… just what you are looking for!

I am not forgetting those monsters we have left revving in their holds. They will keep coming. There is no stopping them.

Sudeep Koshy

P.S.: If you haven’t subscribed to the One Minute Drive channel, please go to YouTube right away and do it  – it is the fuel we need for even more hard work!  youtube.com/oneminutedrive


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