Best Car Deals in UAE


There is perhaps not been another year in recent times when Ramadan offers were more anticipated by car buyers. There has been so many good deals going around that everyone was left wondering ‘what else’ or ‘what better’ could Ramadan have in store. Well, the deals have started trickling in. Updating is happening… Compare well and decide for yourself. DriveME is always happy to guide.

All offers featured below may be subject to Terms & Conditions and unless otherwise mentioned the prices featured are in AED. Check with the respective dealer for details of the offer. (Brands featured are in alphabetical order.)

To help choose the best deal that suits you, read the quick guide to choosing the Best Deal.



(Al Nabooda)


5 year extended warranty unlimited mileage

5 year/105,000 km service and maintenance

3 year 24-hour roadside assistance

1-year complimentary insurance


(Ali & Sons Motors, Abu Dhabi)

Open Haus 2016

255,000 kms free service plan

6 year unlimited mileage extended warranty

1 year insurance

Monthly instalment from AED 2,950

Till 30 April

Sounds like a deal!



Ownership package for 2 years

AED 9,999 per months onwards

Service & Maintenance


20% down payment & 12,000 per year

Guaranteed minimum future value



Offers across the BMW range

15% of the down payment for any model contributed by BMW

Zero cost for service and maintenance




4 years 0% interest rate

Free 1-year insurance

5 years or 105,000 km service and maintenance

5 years roadside assistance

5 years warranty

Sounds like a deal!



2016 Tahoe

From AED 1,699 per month

7 years or 150,000 km free service

7 years/unlimited mileage warranty

Sounds like a deal!




2016 F-150

AED 129,950 onwards

3 years/60,000 km service

5 years/100,000 km warranty


2016 Expedition

AED 129,950 onwards

3 years/60,000 km service

5 years/100,000 km warranty

1 year free insurance on selected models

(Above are Ramadan offers. The ones below need to be confirmed if continuing)

Focus Ecoboost

0 down payment

3 years/60,000 km service & maintenance

4 months deferred payment

5 years/100,000 km manufacturer’s warranty

24 hour roadside assistance


Ford Ranger from AED 69,000

5 years/100,000 km warranty

24 hour roadside assistance


From AED 36,950

3 years/60,000 km service & maintenance

5 years/100,000 km manufacturer’s warranty + roadside assistance

Fusion 2016

Starting from AED 72,000

3 years/60,000 km service & maintenance

5 years/100,000 km manufacturer’s warranty + 24 hrs roadside assistance


2016 Terrain

AED 1023 onwards

2016 Acadia

AED 1525 pm onwards

2016 Yukon

AED 2120 pm onwards


3 year/60,000 km free service

5 year / unlimited mileage warranty

1 year insurance

Free registration




4-month Deferred Payments (Buy now. Pay later.)


Was AED 53,900

Now AED 49,900


Was AED 72,900

Now AED 69,900

Accord 2.4L

Was AED 103,900

Now AED 94,900

Accord also for AED 79,900 (was AED 86,900)

Accord Coupe 2.4L

Was AED 102,900

Now AED 94,900


Was AED 113,900

Now AED 99,900

Odyssey J

Was AED 135,900

Now AED 119,900


Was AED 129,900

Now AED 119,900

Odyssey 149,900/169,900 – 3 years/30,000 km free service

Service check

AED 199/- Honda customers will receive a 18-point A/c and Electric System Check and receive complimentary A/c cleaning and antibacterial treatment plus discounts

Window Tinting 10% off 3M and Vkool

Tyres – Buy 3 get 1 free



AED 38,900 onwards


AED 67,900 onwards


AED 59,900 onwards

Santa Fe

AED 67,900 onwards

Warranty: 4 years unlimited OR 5 years 100,000



Offers Available in Infiniti Centres in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah

10% down payment

(To be updated tomorrow)



Jaguar XF

From AED 2399 per month including:

5 years service and maintenance

5 years warranty



(Western Motors)

Grand Cherokee AED 119,900

Includes 5 year/100,000 km warranty

Jeep Wrangler AED 99,000 onwards

Includes 5 year/100,000 km warranty

3 year/60,000 km service



(Price slashed up to AED 12,000)

Cadenza Now AED 69,900 (Was AED 79,900)

Sorento AED 77,900 (Was 89,900)

Optima AED 62,900 (Was AED 71,900)

Picanto AED 32,900 (Was AED 37,900)

Rio AED 39,900 (Was AED 45,900)

Cerato AED 44,900 (Was AED 52,900)

Warranty: 5 years/150,000 km

Service discounts

45% off on spare parts

25% off on labour charges

Free health check up



Discovery Sport from AED 169000 including:

2 years interest free finance

5 years service and maintenance

5 years warranty



0% Finance for 5 years

2 years complimentary service

5 years unlimited mileage warranty



Valid on select 2016 model year sedans and SUVs including

Lexus RC 350, RC F, ES 250/350, GS 350, GS F, LS 460, GX and RX 450h

Others also enjoy parts of down payment contribution – varies according to model

GX460 and GS350 enjoys full 20%

Depends on stock availability. Full down payment is 20%

This saves AED 50,000 in some cases – Sounds like a deal!



2016 Lincoln MKX

From AED 175,000

3 years/60,000km device & maintenance

5 years/100,000km warranty and road side assistance

Lincoln MKC Lease from AED 2999

Zero down payment

1 to 4 years flexibility

No registration or insurance cost

Complimentary courtesy vehicle

No service and maintenance cost



Best time to buy the CX-9

Mind-blowing discounts due to approaching model change



0% interest over 5 years

Complimentary 3M tinting OR 20% contribution towards down payment by Gargash Enterprises

AMG styling package

2 year manufacturer warranty and 1 year dealer warranty



On all cars:

• Win 20 mirage cars

Free Insurance

5 years or 100,000 km warranty

Service up to 30,000 km

LLumar Tinting and Scotchgard


Pajero AED 89,900 onwards

+ 3 instalments in 2016 contributed by dealer


Lancer GX AED 40,500 onwards

Outlander AED 71,000 onwards

Montero Sport AED 84,900 onwards

L200 AED 49,900 onwards

Mirage AED 37,900 onwards




6 years/200,000 km manufacturer warranty

0% Down payment option

Free Gold Voucher worth up to AED 2500

Gift Hamper



Win up to AED 100,000 in Gold with every car

0% Down payment available

Guaranteed prepaid cards worth up to AED 100,000 on most models

Pathfinder from AED 109,500

With upgraded benefits

Tiida from AED 49,500

With upgraded benefits

With upgraded benefits

Tiida from AED 49,500

With upgraded benefits

X-Trail from AED 79,500

With upgraded benefits

+2 years/30,000 km service

Sunny from AED 42,000

Altima from AED 66,000

Sentra from AED 52,500

5 years unlimited mileage warranty


From AED 59,500


From AED 99,500

Up to 100,000 km free service

1 year insurance





AED 38,100 onwards


AED 42,200 onwards


AED 60,900 onwards


AED 73,000 onwards


AED 81,890 onwards


AED 77,920 onwards




AED 489 per month


AED 389 per month


AED 539 per month


5 years / 1 million km warranty

5 years / 100,000 km service

3 years resale value assurance

1 year insurance




Price offer from AED 95,000 only

2 years /40,000 km service

Roadside assistance

5 years / 100,000 km warranty

Trade in facility

Sounds like a deal!




AED 349 per month

2015 Corolla

AED 299 per month


AED 679 per month


AED 499 per month

Note: Monthly Instalments are kept low because, only 45% of the price is paid in the first two years of which down payment is already made at the start. After two-years options include buy back or pay the rest to own. This deal is good for those who wish to keep the car for 2 years only and drives around less than 200 km per week.

RAV 4 and Land Cruiser enjoy 8% discount in price

Fortuner 2015 model originally costing AED 103,000 is available for AED 80,000!



0 percent interest for up to five years (tenure varies according to model)

1 year free insurance and registration

3 years/45,000kms service

3 years roadside assistance

90 days deferred payment option


Valid on Touareg, Passat, Tiguan and Golf. Available in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah

Read the quick guide to choosing the Best Deal.

107 Responses to Best Car Deals in UAE

  1. AMIT says:

    I was looking to buy SUV in Dubai.
    My budget is Max 70k
    Please suggest

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Within that price range, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Renault Duster and Captiva are a good place to start. If you are not in a hurry, why not wait to try the upcoming Mazda CX-3. Or during Ramadan offers, chances are the Suzuki Vitara could fall in that bracket, too. Have fun test driving, Amit!

  2. nithin says:

    I am waiting for the launch of redesigned Nissan murano and mazda cx9 in uae. when do you think these will get launched in uae?

  3. Elie Farhat says:

    Hello do you have any idea what will the Ramadan offers be ? i was considering on buying the GMC terrain , what do you suggest ?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      0% interest offers. 5 year warranty and service. Free Insurance. Cash discounts.. Let’s see how the promotion rivalry works out to the buyer’s advantage this time! I have a feeling there could be some good pre-Ramadan offers as well. Watch this space for highlights! Addressing your second query, the last time I drove an Opel Antara (same car), I was impressed. The new look Terrain impresses even more. A full drive review will be posted as soon as it is available. And all the best :-)

  4. Akilesh NS says:

    Hello sudeep.
    I am planing to buy hyundai tucson 2.4 AWD full option. What is your review about this car.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      The new Tucson is a huge improvement on the earlier edition. The 2.0L in the earlier version was a flat drive but the later Santa Fe I reviewed was rather impressive. The choice of the 2.4L engine is the way to go. Akilesh, I will post a detailed review soon. In the meanwhile, happy testing the Tucson, the Xtrail and the RAV4. And don’t forget the all-new spaceship from Kia! :-)

  5. Stef N says:

    I have a budget of 1500 aed a month…what SUV’s could I get for that?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Stephanie, let me assume that you are planning for 5 year payment @1500pm and have set aside another 20K for down payment. Which means we are looking at options costing around 100,000 (because you’ll be paying some interest too). That should point you to the Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV4, or the likes of the new Hyundai Tucson. Upsize your budget a little and you could also look at the all-new Toyota Fortuner or the Volkswagen Tiguan base trim – considering there are offers all around. Define your need, and your preference Stef and check back anytime! :-) [Reviews of most of these cars are available on]

  6. Jigz says:


    Buying my first car. Can you recommend me a non-hatchback automatic car which can fit a monthly mortgage of AED 1000 to 1200 for 4 years; 0% downpayment?

    criteria in order of importance:

    1. safety and reliability
    2. ease of maintenance and low maintenance cost
    3. comfort
    4. resale value


    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi, The 20% down payment is mandatory these days but some showrooms do help you with clever payment plans. That said, at a 1200 per month instalment limit, there are some obvious options answering your priority criteria. Go with the Toyota Yaris sedan or Nissan Sunny, or why not go for a European option, the Peugeot 301. I won’t comment on the new Kia and Hyundai in that segment as they are pending reviews. If you will opt for a 5 year plan, you’ll have access to stalwarts like Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla, as well as the Ford Fiesta. By the way, see if the MG350 or 550 (AW Rostamani Trading) have good deals inclusive of service. Those cars could surprise you!

  7. Fizaan says:

    Hi Sudeep, very informative data.

    My budget is around 1800Aed as monthly instalments for a period of 5 years. Down payment of 20,000aed. I am looking at either an SUV or an entry level german luxury sedan (size and power dont matter if this category). Is it possible to aim for the same at this budget?

    Thanks in advance

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Fizaan,

      You have a good budget that allows you to look at vehicles around AED 115,000. For the German sedan part, let’s start with an entry level Volkswagen CC or an Opel Insignia. I would prefer those to a BMW 316i. (unless you are taking that crazy offer at Sharaf DG (UAE) – LG TV + 3-series for 90K or so!) If you aren’t particular about German, this is a good time to check out the Peugeot 508 – you’ll get a full option executive sedan at that price. As for SUVs, the trio to try would be Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5 and a 2015 Ford Explorer. Besides stalwarts like X-trail or RAV 4 if you will.

      • Fizaan says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. What are your views on the Audi a3 top of the line or basic audi a4?

        • Sudeep Koshy says:

          Test the A3 by all means; after all it was the ‘world car of the year’ at launch. The A4 is one of the noteworthy launches so far in 2016 though the starting price is 145,000. The drive is much smoother, the rear room and boot space is ample and one of the nicest cabins that money can buy. The 252 hp Quaatro is way sportier and powerful in handling than the 190 hp version though! (Check back in a week for a full review +video.)

  8. Doni says:

    Hello Sudeep,

    I would appreciate your advice on choosing the best car for my budget as I am struggling for a while now. I have been choosing a sedan to upgrade for my wife for about a month now, which would be safe, comfortable, fun to drive and powerful at the same time. I have come up with the Mazda 6, Honda Accord and Toyota Avalon (my budget is no more than 150K). While I like Mazda 6 for being fun to drive and being made in Japan, I read reviews that it can be noisy in highways and the interior is not as nice as in Accord in Avalon. Accord seems to be a perfect choice, but the fact that they are built in China now really questions the quality side, aside from the fact that they say the cabin is not very quite either. Avalon seems a great car, comfy, luxury like interior, best reliability, but for 157K option they didn’t even put a blind spot monitor and lane departure warning, which is ridiculous of them I think.

  9. savio says:

    Hi Sudeep, any recommendation for a pre owned Mercedes or any other SUV within the range of AED 150-170.

    Can you also recommend any new suv.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Savio, You need to define your usage further. The available options are too many; try a mix of elimination and choice. For around AED 160K, you should be able to get a two-year old ML or a three-year old X5. As for new, you could try the Volvo XC60, an Audi Q3, Infiniti FX or why not the new Discovery Sport? Go on a mission of discovery :-)

      • savio says:

        Thanks for your suggestions. I did some research and test drove a new Jeep Grand cherokee 2015. Im still to make up my mind on a limited variant v6 for 150K or a feature loaded pre owned summit v8 for 175k from the dealer. My only concern is the resale value say after 2 years. I drive around 60 km per day will fuel consumption on the v8 be more.


        • savio says:

          Hi Sudeep,

          I have finally narrowed down my decision to go ahead with either pre owned 2015 Mercedes ML 350 or New Jeep Grand limited.

          Please suggest which one would be worth the investment in terms of fuel / ride and resale value.

          Also should I consider the 2016 infiniti QX 60.

  10. Sahal K says:

    Hey Sudeep,

    I am looking for an SUV with my maximum budget around AED 240,000.
    Which ones do you recommend?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hey there, it’s a little tough to operate on that one liner :-) but the price surely helps. First, define your ‘space’ both inside the cabin and outside, how far out there you would really take your new SUV. Anyway, some test drives you shouldn’t miss are: new Volvo XC90 (full option is 300K but try the mid level), GL400, Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Touareg (you can go top-specs on both) as well as a sporty Infiniti QX70 or Ford Explorer. Going the whole hog, you can go full option Jeep Grand Cherokee or the 2016 Land Cruiser is all-new too. Read the review Happy hunting Sahal!

      • Sahal K says:

        Thanks a lot for that.
        I am looking at something that provides more luxury options than Sport.
        About size, a 5 seater would just be fine.

        What do you think of the Porsche Cayenne?

  11. karim says:

    I am looking to buy a car within the range of 65000 to 85000 but to be very reliable for daily long trips around 250 km but comfortable and doesnt make sounds..thanks in advance

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      2.0L Toyota Corolla top spec and the new Honda Civic, both for around 75K; Volkswagen Passat or Camry for around 85K; the VW advantage would be that your service will happen only once in 2 months, whereas others might require you to do that every 5 weeks. In case you fancy a crossover, the entry level RAV-4 and X-Trail will still make sense as they give around 9 or 10km for every litre, which matters for long distance driving. All the best Karim.

  12. Joe says:

    What are your views of the Audi a3 ambition 1.4tfsi or is the Golf a better car?

    Is there any unbeatable offers around 90k or less?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Audi A3 as you would know was World Car of The Year at launch. The Golf ticks almost every box a small family or individual driver would care for. 90K will get you a well-specced A3 during Ramadan with 5 year packages. Personally, I prefer a full-specced Golf 2.5L for over 10K less.

  13. Danish says:

    Hi Sundeep,
    Is this right at moment to buy Fortuner old shape? Most likely resale will be down with introduction of new shape.

    Thx n regards

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Ali, The new Fortuner is an even more capable car; so may be you would want to go for that once you test drive it. But yes, if they have stocks, the old shape should logically offer a good deal. The resale won’t be down yet, as the new model has just been introduced. Plus, I don’t expect the Fortuner to suffer much in that department. (By the way, it’s Sudeep) :-)

  14. abbas says:

    Helloo Sudeep,

    I am driving a Nissan Altima 2009 model and want to upgrade my car. I do not take car on interest so is the 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5L for 111K on 0% interest for 4 years a good offer?

    Or should I wait for ramadan offers?
    Will it give more 0% interest offers of Nissan Xtrail or Patfinders?

    Is there any other crossover or SUV currently on 0% interest which I am missing?

    Awaiting your reply.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Abbas, 0% interest deals are always good to save around 10 to 12000 dirhams on a 4 year deal. Please check with the dealer what the original price of the said model was so as to determine how much you are actually saving. See if you are getting Extended Warranty as well. Ramadan offers will be at least as good even if they aren’t better. Yes, we may expect more 0% offers but no clue who will offer what! :-)

    • mohsin khan says:

      Dear Abbas,

      Please also let me know if you find any such deals with other dealers.
      I understand that you dont want to go for interest due to religious reasons and I have the same approach.
      I would appreciate if you let me know about it if you find any such information which can help me refrain from interest based deals.
      My email is


  15. Jimson says:

    Hi Sudeep,

    I am planning to buy a small suv. What you think about all new kia sportage 1.6L ? Please advice me regarding this

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Jimson, sorry for the delay. I had not driven the Sportage and had to arrange a quick test before answering you. The new Sportage is rather stylish and though the cabin feels compact, it is just right for people under 6 ft. The 2.0L and 2.4 L engines are rather nippy but the 1.6L might not provide the same smooth satisfaction. Do take a test drive of the 2.0L and 1.6L and let me know too. :-)

  16. karim says:

    Hi Sudeep,

    Can you please recommend for AED 750.00 monthly for 5 years without downpayment for economical and less maintenance car?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Karim, Sorry for missing out on the response so far. Let me take it that you will be making arrangements for the 20% upfront payment separately. So, 750 a month will allow you to look at a car around 50K. Test the Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio and Mazda 2 to start with. Look for 5 year service and warranty offers during Ramadan along with good price deals on 2016 and 2015 models. Let me know your progress.

  17. Aofs says:

    Hi Sudeep,

    I am looking for advice on buying a new SUV with 4WD. I want a reliable offroad 4×4.The two options I had in mind were JEEP GC or Ford Explorer. Being a 7 seater the FE seems quite big . My budget will be between 1500 to 2000 monthly repayments. Someone also suggested Toyota Fortuner. Whats your advice on buying any of the above cars either new or pre-owned? I definately want it under warranty with a service package so obviously 2015 or 2014 models are also an option.
    Do buy new or not? What would you advise? Any information on car specs would also help.
    Was just introduced to this website and it’s really informative…Thank you ☺

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi, if your off-road usage is moderate and you want comfort too, they are good options. While, both have a multi-terrain option switch, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a slight advantage of ground clearance. For both, the full option might be beyond this budget. You could get a 2014 or 15 model but then this is a great time to secure good deals on new purchases, along with the peace of mind of warranty. Yes, the new Fortuner is quite capable and will fall right within your budget. If the off-road usage is heavy, check out the FJ or the Xterra as well.

  18. mohsin khan says:

    Hi Sudeep,

    I read all your response and appreciate your effort on educating us well in this field while also helping people select their right car.
    I want to know which brand/dealers offer 0% interest on cars anytime.
    My budget is maximum 100K and I dont want to go for interest due to my personal beliefs (irrespective of price gain or loss).
    I saw Mitsubishi pajero the only one yesterday after doing some research in showrooms.
    Can you let me know which other brand or cars can come with such offers now or in ramadan?
    I understand finally dealers will decide on such scheme but you being the expert can give me possible chances in this ramadan through your experience of seeing previous ramadan offers.

    My preference cars were Hyundai Tucson/Santafe, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Rav4, Kia sportage/optima, Nissan X-Trail.. but i would manage to adjust with 0% interest for others as that’s my prime concern.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Mohsin Khan, I understand your concern. Dealers of Hyundai, VW, Audi Peugeot and some others have offered 0% schemes in the past. This Ramadan too, there would be some offers. But as it is an arrangement with the Bank and the Dealer, some of the other benefits might not be available. You have chosen some good models. Please type Santa Fe / RAV 4 / X-Trail / in the Search slot on top right hand side to read those DriveME reviews. Check back for the Ramadan offers Mohsin. All the best.

  19. Sam says:

    Hi Sudeep, am new to Dubai – test drove x3, q5, qx70, Touareg, GLC – 2016 models. budget around 210k. X3 is out (expensive) – q5 cramped back legroom. Touareg SEL decent ride but felt just too heavy and not fun to drive. GLC250 is ok but felt outside noise was more than what merc quality should have (again not much fun) – left with QX70 n it’s nice. Great power, neat ride!

    You think it’s good time to get qx70?..price being offered with option 180k at Infiniti seems expensive for such old model car? But compared to competition feels worth it (maybe). Do you think With Ramadan coming likely will have better deal?.. Also the car has been out for sometime now including the same FX it previously was so wondering if it’s better to buy a different make/model.

    Just want to get your thought. In addition I saw exactly similar spec new qx70 with dealers for only 150k price range ( with only 100km run). Why the big difference between Infiniti and the auto dealers? – safe to get one from a auto dealer?

    Any suggestion/thoughts provided is much appreciated. Cheers!

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Sam, thanks for your one line reviews. Noted :-) You don’t seem the cold-feet kind, so why spare the Volvo XC60 test? Go ahead and let me know too. The QX 70 looks great and is a smart sporty SUV. And given that the just launched QX50 and 60 are not a far cry from current design, that part needn’t be a worry. And getting a special trim always keeps it desirable.

      When you say auto dealers, I believe you are talking about used car dealers as against authorised dealers (of new cars). Double check the new car price against WHAT PACKAGE COMES WITH IT. Warranty, service, Insurance etc. And in any case, a pre-owned car could drop from 180k to almost 160k even if it is done only 100km. So no surprise there! Check if the ‘just-used’ car comes with warranty/service package backed up by the authorised dealer. That should distance any concerns. All the best.

  20. ed says:

    HI. I just got my Driving License 6 months ago and confused on weather I will go for a used car vs a new one. My wife and I havea 2 year old kid but I am looking for a budget wise car which can provide comfort and safety as well. My two options were Toyota Avanza vs Hyundai Creta because they fall around 50kaed. My wifeand I are both 5’10 and I guess it is something to consider. Honestly I have no idea about cars, my first time to buy if ever. I appreciate your help and the web site. God Bless

  21. S says:

    Hi, this was a very useful article. I will be soon moving to Dubai and was given a transportation allowance of 2250 by the company … however, i don’t mind adding adding 750 out of pocket to take my budget to 3000. what is the best 7 seater SUV that I can buy in that range? It will be mostly for city driving, and frequent trips from Dubai to Abu Dhabi …. I like the Tahoe deal going on for 1,699 per month, does that require a down payment ? can you provide any details on that Tahoe offer? How much would insurance be for Tahoe per year?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hey S, In that budget, you can consider very comfortable and Popular 7-seaters like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ford Explorer and the new Infiniti QX60. Unless otherwise specified, most deals these days assume a down payment. The insurance ballpark for Tahoe should be around 4000 in the first year. With service and warranty covering 7 years, even I am impressed with the deal. For accurate details, check with the dealer/agent. All the best!

  22. Ahamed says:

    Economic in fuel consumption (upto 2ltr engine only – daily 200kms travel!!),
    Reliable brand,
    SUV or above,
    Fairly good looking,
    0% interest deal,
    Which car would u suggest?

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Among SUVs, Toyota RAV 4, Nissan Xtrail are good for your kind of use; they are rather fuel-efficient while the new Hyundai Tucson could be counted in, too. You may want to check out the VW Tiguan and new Honda CR-V. The good thing about service intervals of 15K is that you will need routine service once in 3 months while the others, every two months. On that note, why don’t you try the Volkswagen Passat for service interval & comfort, and the Toyota Prius for fuel economy too? As for 0% deals, keep checking back.

  23. Chris Besse says:

    Dear Sudeep,

    Thanks for the offer summary. Really helpful. Could you recommend some sedans / hatchbacks based on the following details?

    1. I’m male, single, in my early 30s, just got my UAE license a month ago, currently renting a Yaris. Might start a family in 2 years.
    2. My budget is 70-100k. My main usage is 20mins per way per day driving to work. No SUVs because… I’m single. My driving skill is limited, though I try to be careful all the time.
    3. I value: 1) Safety, 2) Comfort, 3) Ease to drive (easy to park) and maintain (good mechanics), 4) Resale value (might change to SUV later for family). Last things I need: 1) Good look, 2) Brutal acceleration. Ok, I’m indeed a boring person…
    4. I tried Volvo V40. It really fits. However, it is above my budget and relatively small. If I need a family car later, selling it seems problematic as it is not that popular.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hey Chris, Let me start by congratulating you on delivering a perfect brief. With your kind of drive, you’ll need to service the car, only once in 10 months! Many of the cars I have suggested below come with blind spot alerts and parking guidance cameras. So your driving/parking worries will be sorted.
      You may want to drive the Mazda 3 hatch, Nissan Sentra, Ford Focus, new Hyundai Elantra and the ‘classic’ VW Golf. You could even keep them even after you forego your single status. They are good looking, too, if you don’t mind! By the way, SUVs are not only for family safety, but for those with the great outdoors in mind! :-)

  24. Muhammed says:

    My main purpose would be commuting from sharjah to dubai daily and going long distance to other emirates during weekends. I am planning to shell out a maximum of 1200 per month for 5 years without downpayment. Or a used car for 3 years installment.

    Since I am driving altima and got a hang of the power it gives, I want to drive a cross over that has similar power and comes under my budget. The only issue of altima being tough to park.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Muhammed, So we are looking at a price range of 65K ±. Add a little more and try testing the VW Passat or the 2.5L Jetta during Ramadan offers. Also test the new Elantra and the Kia Sportage 2.0L, the Nissan Juke and the Renault Captur. Yes, going for a used car will allow you to upgrade to a higher spec version. If you buy one with a camera or parking sensors, parking woes will be sorted too! All the best.

  25. Rasheed says:

    Hi Sudeep. I am looking for an SUV that would provide good ride comfort, luxury options and decent sporting features as well. Which one would you recommend? I am currently looking at BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Rasheed, please read my reply above to Sandeep. Feel free to discuss further. All the best mate.

  26. Sandeep says:

    Hello Sudeep
    I would like to buy an SUV that would provide good ride comfort, luxurious option and fair bit of Sporting features as well. My budget would be around 300K. I would like the SUV to look good from outside as well.

    As of now, I’ve been thinking of going for the BMW X5 or the Porsche Cayenne.

    Any suggestions of which one to go for?

  27. lifas says:

    Nice info .Can you explain the mentioned toyota offer

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Lifas, This is like a lease deal, where you pay low monthly instalments for two years and then you have the option of either continuing to pay the balance or just return the car to the dealership. There will obviously be a restriction on mileage per year, so for additional kilometers you will have to pay extra. This is much better than a car hire if your daily use is around 50 km. For more info, check with Al Futtaim Motors.

  28. Cynthia says:

    Hi Sudeep, good day~ I am planning to buy a Jeep Wrangler next month, do you know if the dealers have any special offer during the Ramadan? Thank you ~

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Most of the dealers I checked with have confirmed on having Ramadan deals but due to competitive market, they will announce it only close to the season. Check back for updates, Cynthia and all the best!

  29. zohaib says:

    Hi sudeep.
    i am new in dubai and in process of getting the license and will go for my first car.
    i dont have a big budget so i will just go for pre-owned sadan i looking for 700-800 per month installments. personally i really liked mini SUVs but they are out of budget for me.
    i looked into some care and i like mazda 3 sadan and honda civic. i am kinda confuse now. most of people sugesting me just go for japanese car cause of reliability, maintenance cost and resale value.

    i dont have much car knowledge, i would really appreciate you suggest me something. and brands to look into. and what do you think about mazada 3 and what other cars i look in same category.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Zohaib, you have chosen well. New Honda Civic and Mazda 3 are the top models of the segment. As it happens, the reviews of both these cars are not currently available on Your budget (5 year plan) will allow you to look at cars that are around 60K if you are willing to pay the 20% downpayment. So, you may also try the Ford Focus and the Kia Cerato for taste. Ramadan deals might help. You don’t need to discard your SUV plans because Renault Duster and the Suzuki Jimny (if you wanna go hard core!) will fall right within budget. Happy hunting!

  30. San says:

    Hello Sudeep, lovely content and information you provide to all of us so I wanted to join in and get some help.

    I am looking for a car to buy and I am thinking about a convertible. Most likely will be used unless there are some special offers available. My budget isn’t fully set but between 50-75K. You are welcome to share car options if greater than 75K as I haven’t fully laid out my pay plan. I prefer German cars but I don’t know the reliability of slightly older models.

    If you can provide me with some good convertible options that would be amazing. Otherwise feel free to provide me with non convertible options that you think are a good deal. Im in my early 20s, single man, recently got a job and that’s my story.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi San, indeed this is the time to feel the wind in your hair and not let the worries get into your hair. :-) Mazda MX-5 is a popular option and Renault has options too. Owners of these have told me maintenance isn’t that painful. You can also look at a 2010/11 model Mercedes SLK or Porsche Boxster. There is always a luck factor involved in pre-owned cars, but you can reduce risk by buying from a friend’s friend or paying a little extra at the certified car dealers. As you seem to enjoy driving, why not try cars like a three year old Volkswagen GTI, a brand new Mazda 3 or a Renault Clio Sport? Have fun testing San!

  31. Umm Khalifa says:

    Hi Sudeep.. i am looking for a small budget on car with space for 2 kids and stuffs we shop.usually a family oriented and safe car + less on installments + durable.
    please suggest.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi, adding to this the info you provided regarding your preference for a Japanese family car with ample leg/boot space and low on maintenance, I would suggest you look for a Yaris sedan, Nissan Sentra, Honda City – 3 or 4 years old cars can be bought at good prices or you might even find good Ramadan deals on these. You might also like a Peugeot 301 if you are used to European styling and comfort. All these cars answer to your safety and space requirement – including a large boot.

  32. an says:

    Hi Sudeep:

    Its great to read your replies to all the queries posted in this site. Very informative. I am planning on buying a 5 seater or 7 seater crossover We are a family of 3. Last year when my parents and brother visited us (my dad, brother and myself are all more than 6 feet tall) I realised how uncomfortable my yaris is for 5 well build adults plus my daughter and thus my decision to go for SUV / crossover.

    5 seater SUVs like x-tral and CRV are great for 4 adults, with the 5th seat best for children. I personally liked the CX9 as an overall vehicle (it has got a premium feel) and with the current reduced prices for the outgoing model. Please suggest your views between 5-seater and 7-seater SUV/crossovers and also between the choices I have zeroed down – CX9, Pajero and Fortuner.


    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Good thinking Anand; you have shortlisted well. You might still want to keep a few things in mind. A large 5-seater might give you more rear legroom and boot space than a 7-seater. It might also be a more engaging daily drive and particularly X-Trail gives you rather good fuel economy too.

      Also, make up your mind on how much of off-road abilities vs city skills you might need because Mazda CX-9 is an urban crossover favouring style and long drive city comfort. However, this could be the best time to buy a CX-9 – at the offer price, you won’t miss the new SkyActiv model :-) Pajero is the capable one among the three and matches the CX-9 offer pricing. Toyota, too, has good offers on the outgoing Fortuner but the new one is more stylish, comfortable and capable. Anand, test them and let me know what you think too.

      • an says:

        Hi Sudeep:

        Thanks for your reply. :) After driving the bigger crossovers / SUVs, I have actually started liking the terrific drive view, drive position and command over the road that these big vehicles provide compared to a sedan (no offence intended to the great sedans out there though :). I have a budget of 100k (with a little bit of plus / minus here and there) and accordingly I started looking out.
        Though X-trail has a good overall package, I somehow didn’t like its CVT engine (its a little noisy and not that pleasure to drive). In my test drives, I found honda CRV, CX9, Murano and sorento to be better than X-trail at an overall level. Plus the headroom in X-trail is not much if you purchase a moonroof /sunroof trim.

        I love the new Fortuner design and style plus also liked it while I test drove it. Just that its out of my budget. Still will wait to check out Toyota’s Ramadan offers (but don’t expect much looking at the history of toyota offers). That leaves me with the following options – Rav4, CX9, Pajero – All mid trim models of these vehicles are falling around 100k right now.

        My heart goes to CX9. It has got a better premium feel and overall drive pleasure as compared to the other two plus right now it looks like the best value for money within 100k.

        Please let me know your views on the Cost of Maintenance and other reliability factors on these 3 vehicles. I know CX9 might fetch me the least resale value after 5 years among these 3 vehicles but will it be a deal breaker ?

        As always, looking forward to your insightful answers.


  33. Jade says:

    Hi Sudeep, can you please explain the offer of toyota. because im still confused why is it too low, is there a no DP option? or what, i will appreciate ur reply

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Jade,
      It could look a little baffling initially, so no worries! Yes, there is a 20% down payment involved and you also benefit from over 5% discount from Toyota’s side. 45% of the total is aimed to be paid in the first 2 years. As 20% already goes as down payment, the remaining amounts to a small EMI. If you wish to keep the car after 2 years, simply pay up the balance 55% in 3 years. In case you wish to return the car after the 24-month plan, you can choose to give it back and walk away. Wait a minute: Your car shouldn’t have done more than 20,000 km in 2 years – extra kilometres are chargeable, like daily taxi contracts. Makes sense – the dealer needs to re-sell it!
      So, if you wish to keep the car only for 2 years and you go around less than 200 km a week, only then this is a great deal to go for!

  34. Kapil says:

    Hi Sudeep,

    It would be great if I get your valuable inputs. I would like to buy a compact SUV. My budget is arround 70k.

    1. What would be your opinion on buying a pre-owed certified cars

    2. What is your opinion on ford-ecospot, hyndai tucson and Mistibishi ASX.

    3. I prefer the one which have very good saftey features even for rear passenger.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Kapil, the 3 compact SUVs are all impressive, especially in the safety parameters. What was your take on the test drive? The new Tucson looks fab and could be the most satisfying drive with its 7-speed double clutch gearbox. The ASX also has a sleek styling and a 2.0L engine but you might or might not like the CVT transmission. The Ecosport has the smallest engine but is high on safety and fuel economy. Badge value and comfort features could give the new Hyundai Tucson the slight edge. Pre-owned certified does make sense because they usually come with warranty and remaining service package. Why not try the Ford Escape and VW Tiguan in that? If it is Hyundai Tucson, better go for the new version.

  35. Birjees says:

    Hi Sudeep. I was looking into the 2016 Toyota prado gxr 2.7L. I’ve been waiting for Toyota’s Ramadan offers. Can we expect any more than the ones you’ve mentioned? Also what’s your review for the car since that make and model is the max my budget allows.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Birjees, as of now, the showroom personnel are also not aware of any upcoming deals. The 2.7L might come across as a li’l tardy for the Prado. If you are keen of the Prado GX-R, take a look at the brand new Fortuner higher trims as well. Test drive them both before choosing. Check back for the deals.

  36. S says:

    Hi Sudeep, whats your opinion on the LEXUS GX 460 Premier? apparently Lexus is putting 20% down payment so they are claiming the final cost on base model will only be 168K from the original 210K, and this offer is only valid through bank loan.

  37. Mohamed Kabir says:

    Hi Sudeep ,

    Good Day

    Please suggest your review on Mitsubishi Lancer EX -2015

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Kabir, the last time I drove a Lancer was more than 12 years ago; hence I will let that question pass. The car has undoubtedly added style and sparkle to it since and I will make it a point to review the new Lancer and the Pajero at my earliest. All the best.

  38. Bhavin says:

    Hi Suddep,

    I am new to dubai. I am planning family car with around 50k-60k bydget with full option.
    can u guide me?
    And pls give your view on cherry tiago and MG cars.

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Bhavin, 60 K or near about could get you some good cars and also some generously configured options like the Nissan Sentra, the Yaris sedan or Hyundai Elantra. Now, if full options mean sunroof, alloy wheels and gadgetry, the more economical yet established Chinese brands might work for you, as you wisely have found out. Here is one of the better Chinese cars which is a spacious family car – Geely Emgrand GT review from DriveME – and this MG 6 review might give you a feel of the MG cars; they have become more involved and active recently.

      • Bhavin says:

        thank you sudeep,
        i saw your review on geely emgrand gt and have sumed it up very nicely. i like it both but my question is are they reliable on long term and about their resale value. I have heard some negetive reviews about chery tiago and thier cars.Specially i think Geely is good deal. pls give your thought about cherry tiago,mg5,geely emgrand 7,geely emgrand x7. i might use a suv also.

        Thanks and Regards,

  39. Erkut Curaoglu says:

    Hi Sudeep,
    Thank you for your suggestions, they are really helpful.
    So now, i want to buy a SUV. I`m trying to avoid to give down payment.
    I need to rent a car, so instead of rent car i decided to buy one.
    1- Jeep Wrangler ( i`m fan of this SUV)(3 doors its ok for me)
    2-Pajero ( actually i want to wait until Ramadan maybe there will be a option without Down payment)
    3-Fj cruiser
    So any sugesstion, i`m planning to use this car for 5 years and than i want to sell without any difficulties please suggest with keeping this goals also.
    Thank you

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Erkut, if you are a regular adventurer, especially in the desert, my suggestion would be FJ, Wrangler and Pajero in that order. However for a Jeep fan, the order doesn’t apply! :-) Jeep could give you 5 years comprehensive package like last year; Pajero is already at a good price, but Pajero or Jeep both could help you tackle your worry of down payment. Check with them. As for easy resale, just take care of your car and maintain a service history. :-) Especially with the Wrangler and FJ, it will be of great help so as to reassure buyers that these capable SUVs have been well maintained.

  40. Mohini says:

    Hi we are looking budget car under 50k.please advise us

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Mohini, there are some pointers that could help in choosing your car. Whether you want to buy i) a sedan or a hatchback ii) what is priority for you? comfort and the fun of driving or resale value and reliability… iii) what’s your extent of usage? iv) Do looks matter? and so on…

  41. Shahzad says:

    hi Sudeep, I came to know Ramadan promotion of 0% interest for Volks Wagon preowned, but I am confused if I will go for VW preowned, maintenance will be expensive and hectic, please advise if maintenance for volks wagon is not expensive and car is reliable/fuel efficient and my daily drive is near to 200 kms…please advise,

    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Shahzad, Considering that you drive 200km, the advantage with Volkswagen will be the 15000 km service interval. That is, yearly, when you will need 7 or 8 services for a vehicle with a 10k service interval, VW will need only 5. A car like Passat would give excellent comfort for your long drive while keeping fuel consumption reasonable. If you go for the new one, you get a 5 year no interest scheme while the 5-year warranty will save the worry, but you will exhaust the 45K service plan in hardly a year! A VW could be more expensive to maintain if your luck goes the wrong way when compared with a Toyota, which are chosen as Taxis for a reason!

  42. Javed says:

    Hi Sudeep,

    I have a budget of around 120k. Looking for a luxury saloon car, which would be a bit low on maintenance and loaded with all the latest tech features. Can you suggest few options with the Ramadan 2016 offers going on ?

    Thanks a lot


    • Sudeep Koshy says:

      Hi Javed, assuming you might throw in a few thousands more if you fall in love with a car, please test drive the new Audi A4 2.0L and the Infiniti Q50 (tech-rich). Two other cars that are a good bargain during Ramadan are the Cadillac ATS and the Lexus IS. You may also like the Ford Fusion or VW Passat (good payment plan).

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