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Ramadan season is here again and it is become a tradition for customers to expect great deals and car brands in the region are almost forced to live up to the expectation with various enticing deals. All offers featured below may be subject to Terms & Conditions and unless otherwise mentioned the price featured are in AED. Check with the respective dealer for details of the offer. (Brands featured are in alphabetical order.)

To help choose the best deal that suits you, read the quick guide to choosing the Best Deal.



On Giulietta and Mito

5 years warranty

5 years anti-rust

5 years roadside assistance

Also on Giulietta

Free Service 3 years/60,000 km

Free Galaxy S5

Free iPAd

Free tinting

Free Scotch Guard

AUDI extra

Valid till 5th August

5 years maintenance and service plan

5 year extended warranty

5 year free roadside assistance

1 year insurance


2014 Escalade from AED 253,900

2014 SRX from AED 162,900

Complimentary Warranty, Service and Maintenance extended for 5 years (or 105,000 km)

Complimentary Insurance and Registration

5 months deferred payment


FREE 5 years/150000 km warranty

Free Insurance and Registration

Free Service

Low finance rates & Pay after 3 months



3 million worth of gift vouchers with Chevrolet models

Savings of up to AED 30,000 on select models:

Tahoe 2014, Silverado, Traverse

Impala, Cruze, Malibu 2014 models

(Offers Available at all 3 dealers)



(Trading Enterprises)

2014 Chrysler 300 Limited

2014 Chrysler 300 SRT

5 year warranty

Free fuel for AED 1000

Chrysler 300 Starting from AED 2,176 per month

Get a chance to win back 12 monthly installments


3 year /60,000 Km service & Maintenance

5 year warranty + roadside assistance

1 year free insurance

Up to 4 months deferred payments

2014 TAURUS – AED 95,000 onwards

2014 FUSION – AED 80,000 onwards

2014 F-150 AED 118,000 onwards

2014 EXPEDITION AED 127,000 onwards


One-year free insurance

4 months deferred payments.


Valid on Honda Civic, Accord Coupe, CR-V and Pilot

Customers can purchase the Honda Civic starting from AED 71,900 (AED 1,099 per month), Accord Coupe starting from 95,900 (AED 1,469 per month), CR-V EX starting from AED 109,900 (AED 1,679 per month) and Pilot starting from AED 128,900 (AED 1,969 per month).



Offers on all 2015 models

Accent WAS 49,900 NOW 42,900

Veloster WAS 72,900 NOW 67,900

Elantra WAS 56,900 NOW 49,900

(AED 5000 to 7000 less)

Economy Plan – 0% interest for 36 months + 90 days deferred payment (AED 4000 minimum requirement for this one)

Trade in Plan  – Get above market value up to AED 20,000


Guaranteed cash rewards

Chance to win the new Q50 Hybrid


5 years /150,000km warranty

Deferred payment of 4 months

Free Insurance

Free Scotchgard

Starting from AED 7999 per month



5 years warranty

3 years service

1 year insurance

XF from AED 159000

XJ from AED 255,000



(Western Motors)

On the 2014 Jeep Range

5 years / 1 million km warranty

2 years / 30,000 km service

Free iPad Mini

FREE V-Kool Window Tinting


FREE ticket to Western Motor’s Jeep Jamboree 2014

(Chance to be at Disneyland, Hong Kong)


A gift on every 2015 Kia model:
40” LED TV, Samsung Tab, Samsung S5

0 Down payment

1 year free insurance

Up to 2 years Service Contract

5 years or 100,000 km warranty

4 months deferred payment

Up to AED 20,000 savings on 2014 model year


5 years warranty

3 years service and maintenance

1 year insurance

LR2 from AED 169,000 and LR4 from 239,000


2014 Lotus Evora – starting from AED 3999 p.m.

Guaranteed future exchange value

Vehicle Insurance


Lotus Service Care

(Valid for 2 years)



Available at Western Auto

5 years unlimited warranty

3 years/100,000 km free service

Free insurance and registration

Assured Buyback



Quattroporte S

Starting at AED 440,000

3 years/60,000 km service package

3 year unlimited mileage warranty

1 year free insurance

0% financing for the first year

Mazda 3 being unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show





Ziebart package

MERCEDES-BENZ – Emirates Motor Company

No down payment (financed by Bank)

1.99% profit rate for 5 years

Free insurance

Free 5 years/150,000 km Service contract with roadside assistance




5 years free 0% finance

Low deposit and Low finance rate on all sedans and hatchbacks

Pay after 4 months

FREE 3M Paint Protection and 3M Tinting

FREE 5 year warranty only for Pajero

+ 100 winners win AED 10,000


Guaranteed rewards up to AED 100,000

Free service up to 50,000 km

4 months deferred payment

5 years unlimited mileage warranty



5 years / 75,000 km free service and maintenance

5 years unlimited mileage warranty

3 years/75,000 km buyback guarantee

Exchange offer – make down payment with old car value

Pay first installments after 5 months



Panamera range

From AED 3900 per month

5 year/105,000 km Porsche service package

4 year Porsche warranty

1 year Insurance

0% interest rate for 2 years or equivalent financial privileges

Gift Voucher

Trade-in facilities

Porsche –Ali & Sons

On Panamera and Cayenne range

1 year complimentary insurance

4 months deferred payment

0% interest rate – 3 year payment plan for Cayenne and 5 year plan for Panamera


Swaidan Trading Co.

A choice of GOLD rewards or Service package

Raffle draw to win electronic goods

0% down payment

Free 5 years/million km warranty

3 years/60,000 km service package

Free 1 year insurance and Registration

Offer valid on Peugeot 301/508/2008/3008/RCZ



2 years free service

1 year free insurance

0% down payment

Guaranteed scratch & win up to AED 25000



Discount of up to AED 10,000

2 years free service

5 years warranty

Free registration

Free roadside assistance



FREE Insurance & Registration

Pay after 6 months (in 2015)

3 instalments paid by Al Rostamani Trading

Free 5 years unlimited kilometers warranty

(Another offer ad cites the below benefits too)

FREE parking sensors & Tinting

Free service 1 year


Upgrade to Corolla Platinum from AED 68,500

Two-tone leather seats

Rear parking sensors

Daytime Running Lights

Side mirror garnish


Window Tint



Free service for 3 years or 45,000 km

5 years warranty

1 year free insurance on 2014 models

120 days deferred payment

Savings of 5500 to 22000 AED depending on the model

VOLKSWAGEN – Al Nabooda Automobiles

Free service for 5 years or 75,000 km

5 years roadside assistance

Warranty 5 years

1 year free insurance and registration

120n days deferred payment

Petrol voucher


Discounts of up to AED 22,000

5 year unlimited mileage warranty

3 years or 45,000 km free service

3 years roadside assistance

Note: Offers exclude Golf R, GTI, Beetle and Tiguan 1.4 L



Complimentary 60,000 km service

Up to 5 years warranty


0 down payment

2 year buy back guarantee


XC60 T5 Sport from AED 129,000

XC90 AWD Sport from AED 159,900



RICH Pick up

Guaranteed Buyback

0% interest

3 years/100,000 km warranty

Free insurance

Free service for 1 year or 25000 km


Read the quick guide to choosing the Best Deal.

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