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Ramadan season is here and it is become a tradition for customers to expect great deals and car makers and automobile dealers in the region are almost forced to live up to the expectation with various enticing deals. All offers featured below may be subject to Terms & Conditions. Check with the respective dealer for details of the offer. (Brands featured are in alphabetical order.)

Read the quick guide to choosing the Best Deal.


Free 3 year/60,000 km service

Free 1 year insurance

AUDI Extra (till August 15th)

5 year Free Service

5 year Free Warranty

5 year Free Roadside Assistance

1 Year Free Insurance


AED 129,000

Warranty, Service and Roadside assistance for 4 years (or 100,000 km)


Save with ‘Gold Tag’ prices

TAHOE – AED 25,000 off

TRAILBLAZER – AED 15,000 off

MALIBU – AED 6000 off

CRUZE – AED 4000 off


Chrysler 300 / Jeep Grand Cherokee – 3.6 L V6 models

Chrysler 300 Starting from AED 2,499 per month

Jeep GC from AED 1850 p.m.

Get a chance to win back 12 monthly installments

5 years warranty

Free fuel worth AED 1000

3 years/60,000 km service package

JEEP – Western Motors

3 years/60,000 km service package

Free window tinting from V-Kool

5 years warranty

Free registration for 2 years

Free iPad Mini

Special Profit Rate of 2.49%


2013 F-150 XLT 5.0L V8 from AED 109,000

5 year/100,000 km warranty, 5 year

100,000 km roadside assistance

2013 ESCAPE – AED 86,000 onwards

2013 EDGE – AED 96,950 onwards

2013 EXPLORER – AED 115,000 onwards

2013 EXPEDITION – AED 119,000


5 year/100,000 km service contract

5 year/100,000 km warranty

5 year/100,000 km roadside assistance


2013 FIGO – AED 48,000 onwards

2013 FIESTA – AED 58,000 onwards

2013 FOCUS – AED 64,000 onwards

2013 TAURUS – AED 95,000 onwards

*Free insurance not valid on Focus ST


Down payment AED 99 onwards

FREE insurance

FREE Service up to 20,000 km

Cash savings

A Mont Blanc pen

FREE tinting for Honda Accord

CIVIC Limited edition with added features from AED 799 p.m.

ACCORD Limited edition with added features from AED 1299 p.m.

PILOT from AED 1699 p.m.

CR-V from AED 1299 p.m.


Savings Plan – SAVE up to AED 20,000

Relax Plan – Up to 5 years free service + 2 years free insurance & registration

Economy Plan – 0% interest for 36 months + 90 days deferred payment (AED 4000 minimum requirement for this one)

Trade in Plan  – Get above market value up to AED 20,000


AED 1000,000 in cash rewards – Guaranteed prize of varying sizes

Guaranteed cash rewards up to your car’s value

5 years complimentary service

1 year complimentary insurance


0% financing for 3 years

MERCEDES-BENZ – Emirates Motor Company

No down payment

Free insurance

Free Service contract

1st installment after 3 months



Up to 30% off (Discount figure based on 2012 recommended retail prices)

FREE 5 year warranty

FEE Scotchguard Upholstery and Paint Protection


AED 1000,000 in cash rewards – Guaranteed prize of varying sizes

5 year unlimited mileage warranty

Nissan Certified Pre-owned Cars from Arabian Automobiles:

1 year Free insurance

1 year extended warranty

FREE accessories: Window tinting / Bluetooth / Parking sensors



OPTION 1: Ramadan Value Benefit

Free 3 year/100,000 km warranty

Free 3 years/100,000 km service maintenance

Free AED 1000 gift voucher

3 year buyback guarantee

Free Insurance for 1 year

0% bank interest for up to 2 years

OPTION 2: Ramadan Price Benefit

Free 3 year/100,000 km warranty

Free 3 years/60,000 km service maintenance

Free Special gift voucher

3 year buyback guarantee

What do the options cost for each car?

OPEL CORSA: AED 57,000 or AED 52,500

OPEL ASTRA: AED 77,000 or AED 69,000

OPEL INSIGNIA: AED 120,000 or AED 107,000


Zero down payment

5 year or a million km warranty

20,000 km Free maintenance

1 year Free Insurance

Free registration

PLUS WIN an iPhone every day for 30 days


Cayenne V6 or Cayenne S:

3 year comprehensive service

2 year worldwide warranty

1 year extended warranty

Privileged financial rates from Porsche Financial Services

911 range:

0% interest rate

3 year Porsche warranty

3 year Porsche service package

Trade in facilities

KIA 2014 models

5 year/100,000 km manufacturer warranty

Free Insurance and registration

Free roadside assistance

First installment after 120 days

FREE LG LEDTV / FREE iPAD4 / FREE Galaxy S4 (depending on model)


Win a Free Duster every week

Guaranteed prizes of up to AED 10,000

Scratch & win one of 4 Renault Dusters every week

3 years/100,000 km warranty


(Save up to AED 22,500)

FREE 2 years service

FREE registration

FREE rust proofing

FREE window tinting

FREE 1 year roadside assistance

5 year warranty


Cash savings up to AED 8000


Get upgraded when you buy from a selected range

Model upgrade

Engine upgrade

Spec upgrade


Free service for 3 years or 45,000 km

3 years roadside assistance

Warranty 5 years unlimited mileage

1 year free comprehensive insurance

1 year free registration

1 night stay for 2 people in a 5 star hotel in Dubai

VOLKSWAGEN – Al Nabooda Automobiles

Free service for 5 years or 75,000 km

5 years roadside assistance

Warranty 5 years unlimited mileage

1 year free comprehensive insurance

Read the quick guide to choosing the Best Deal.

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