It seems long ago – the seventies or eighties to be precise – when it was easy to name a car by its category. All cars were either a saloon or a station wagon, or as the Grease generation would readily point out, a convertible. In the following two decades or so, so much has changed and so many have turned up in the amazing world of cars, it’s almost chaotic when you try deciding what kind of car is yours.

Saloons. Hatchbacks. Crossovers. The pileup is endless and often confusing!

From the names that are merely namesake to totally new species and genres, the car industry has fed the motorist with choices in terms of style and functionality! So, here is something to skip tossing a coin when it comes to naming your car or your neighbour’s: a quick reference guide to car categories, as a DROP DOWN PAGE below the Dealer Directory.

What is to be noted is that many of these category names are used interchangeably, sometimes depending on the attribute of the vehicle it describes and often, due to casual convenience or plain ignorance!

Compacts, Crossovers and Cabriolets: So, what car is it anyway? was last modified: February 23rd, 2016 by Sudeep Koshy

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