The day that went by was celebrated as Environment Day. Drivers can make a difference in making this event meaningful and relevant across the year. Well, hybrid cars are of course yet to pick up in the Middle East but you could be among the first to lead a revolution. But in the meanwhile, here are 10 tips to make the most of your fuel and be less of a burden on the environment. PLUS IN PICTURES ARE THE MOST FUEL EFFICIENT CARS AMONG OVER 35 REVIEWED SO FAR ON DriveME. 

Drive smooth

My Dad used to tell me (and still does), “Drive to make your passengers comfortable. Not to make them cringe in fear! Being smooth in your drive is not just appreciated by your mothet but Mother Earth as well. Aggressive driving calls eventually for frequent hard braking and sudden acceleration which leads to high fuel consumption.

This 1.4 L bombshell (122hp) from Audi gives 12.04 km per litre!

Plan in advance

Prepare to slow down or stop at signals or in congested traffic. A coasting car uses no fuel; it’s good to remember that.

Rev low

Cruising speeds and optimum acceleration can return higher fuel efficiency than you think. High engine speeds mean more resistance and more friction losses. Especially when modern turbocharged engines can achieve maximum torque at low revolutions, why push the point to the loss of the argument?

One of my favourite drives so far is the Volvo XC60 – excellent turbo efficiency and long drive comfort – all at 10.4 km per litre of fuel I poured in!

Travel light

I know someone who used to travel with a filled up boot – books, magazines, office stuff – many of us make our cars our traveling homes and even office! But the fact is that weight not only slows you down, it also costs you fuel. Take the bike off the racks and dump those heavy spare parts from your last service remains.

The new Toyota Yaris might have comments good and bad going… but in terms of drinking etiquette, it is impeccable – 11.8 km for every Litre!


Watch out for the aerodynamics. Try not to leave your windows open especially at high speeds and when the wind is strong.

Listen to the radio

Radio stations provide you with vital information to avoid traffic jams. They not only take away time from you but suck away on the fuel. Navigation systems too can help you in this bit.

Sonic doesn’t allow room for complaint in the fuel efficiency department – 11.8 km per Litre. No wonder I drove it over 600 km on test roads!

Avoid super fast driving

The minutes saved could cost you a lot more in terms of fuel burnt. Driving at speed limits not only saves extra-fuel consumption but you know it can save you lots more money in fines!

Besides a memorable steering experience, the Ford Fiesta clocked 11.2 km per Litre of gasoline.

Take timely care

Often fuel efficiency has little to do with the state of the engine. Creating an adverse condition through underinflated tyres or not maintaining your car at regular intervals can again depreciate your car’s environmental friendliness.

One of the most balanced 2.0L powerhouses (200 bhp) the Passat CC achieved 10.4 km per Litre – great value!

Switch off the engine

You don’t need a start-stop function in your car to save fuel – though that helps. You can do it manually by switching off when you know you’re gonna be stuck for long. Idle running takes more fuel than you can imagine – like one of the supercharged cars I drove this month would drink up fuel at the rate of 99L for 100 km when idle but just one-tenth of it on a smooth drive!

This marvel improved fuel efficiency by almost 30% to give 9.12 km per litre on my drive. The Mercedes C350 AMG!

Tag along

Driving behind cars or trucks can reduce the aerodynamic drag and thus save plenty of fuel. Make sure you stay clear of its rear and you’ll be better off in a slipstream!

Note: The fuel used during the test drives of the cars featured here was 98 Octane, unless otherwise specified. The results are from the tested distance and could vary from ideal claims made by manufacturers. 

Featured on the banner: European Car of the Year – Vauxhall Ampera or Opel Ampera and familiar to many as Chevrolet Volt.

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