Ferrari Deserto Rosso California T

The first California T Owner’s gathering was shot over a two-day luxury drive weekend deep in the Liwa Desert. ‘Deserto Rosso’ was attended by a handpicked selection of Ferrari owners and connoisseurs. ‘Deserto Rosso Behind the Scenes’, shows the making of that film which also unveils why the California T is considered one of the most exclusive and versatile stallions of the Ferrari stable.

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Deserto Rosso film

Ferrari Deserto Rosso convoy

The California T is the product of a strong Ferrari lineage, dating from the 50s and epitomizing supreme elegance and styling. The retractable hood shields drivers from the midday temperatures, while allowing them to enjoy the cool desert winds at night.

Ferrari Deserto Rosso rear

In the video, the California T skilfully navigates the twisting roads of the desert environment, in an exuberant display of speed and razor sharp responsiveness against the naturally astounding backdrop of the dunes.

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