MY12 model offers world’s first Overturn Assist feature and strikingly sculpted spindle grille.

The world's first Overturn Assist feature puts the new Lexus LX in a class of its own!

In pursuit of perfection, it looks like Lexus will not let anything overturn its ride, or stop it from looking better with every passing model year. Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Lexus in the UAE, announced the launch of the new 2012 LX which will premier the world’s first Overturn Assist feature. The LX is also the first Lexus model to showcase the strikingly sculpted new spindle grille, the signature front fascia that we first saw unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show, as the 2013 Lexus GS heralded the new face of Lexus. Also making its debut in the LX is the HDD navigation system which features a touch-sensitive screen for inputting information, (I assume it’s the kind that we saw in the Audi A6 Review last month) as well as an advanced voice-command system that allows the driver to search for destinations (wow, that’s cool!).

Overturn Assist is the technological marvel that enhances small radius turning performance in tight corners. The 2012 model will also have Crawl Control that pre-sets speed to aid the driver on difficult terrains and a multi-terrain support feature which optimally distributes power to the four wheels based on road conditions. Besides, the new LX will be powered by a 5.7-litre V8, producing 362 horsepower – allowing drivers to explore their environmental preference in comfort and style.

The new Lexus LX showcases the new Lexus signature in the form of the spindle grille.

The high intensity headlights and daytime running lights will further enhance the design of the new spindle grille. A sharply chiselled front bumper tapering on both ends, a wider looking rear bumper and LED lamps create a powerful, premium appearance as the car rests upon 18 or 20 inch aluminium wheels.

“Lexus has always wowed the automotive world with advanced technology to enhance the driving feel of our vehicles. The 2012 LX has done it again: the first ever Overturn Assist function is a testament to that fact,” said Saud Abbasi, General Manager, Al Futtaim Motors – Lexus.

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