From rare concept and collection cars that offered a fleeting glimpse to the early birds on day one to the show’s very own global previews, Dubai Motor Show filled mind space and media space alike last week. For the eyes and camera eyes that looked for it, there were lighter moments to enjoy all through the show. Stories and moments that are usually lost amidst the automotive pizzazz that permeates the show! I bring you some of them, just for the heck of it.

There isn't anything better to establish the cutaway "see through" doors of the Aston Martin CC100 concept than the shapely figure of its escort model on the other side!

'Red carpet to China' - BAIC Motors was among many new Chinese brands that offered a sweet welcome to visitors.

Looking at the model's expression and striking pose, you might wonder if it's a Maserati or McLaren. That doesn't cover up the car's striking resemblance to the Toyota Prius.

A group of Emiratis seem to be slightly baffled by the Dubai-made concept of Devel 16. Not surprising, for the bird-beaked sports cars claims to house a 5000 hp motor and a 0-100 km stats of 1.8 sec!

Try this one for size! The Warrior from Dong Feng Motors if it catches the fancy of our car buffs like the Hummer, I wouldn't wait for a flash to make way!

"Sweetheart, you are taking too long. It's driving me up the wall!"

Bite into the Mini instead of those oranges. They are fake!

People looking silly but having fun at the Ford stand. It's a motion-sensor governed mass driving exercise!

Unlike Ford's silly acrobatics, this one is for real. Just before the unveiling of the Maserati Ghibli.

"Hey I found a toy my size!" Son, it's a Honda Formula 1 from 1960s.

Peter Schreyer has added some great design sense to Kia but that's not what marks this "hideous" (pun intended) version of the Cadenza with its leather-clad sheet metal!

The Lykan HyperSport from W Motors having a transformer moment!

Paparazzi and the glitterati - media frenzy at the Audi stand as the RS6 Avant is launched!

Navin and friends came down to see cars and stumbled upon something familiar at the Piaggio stand.

"I AM A PRETTY PICTURE" - Nikon branded Lambo at the stands.

The Nissan Patrol Dune simulator - many just held on to the safety rails during the ride!

Nissan GT Academy Playstation soon after the Motor Show ended - the steering comes off as my "Family Drive test expert" climbs on!

This 'normal' Range Rover just came back from a long drive across the Empty Quarter unscathed, and creating a Guinness Record on his way! Driver: Moi Torrallardona

Motor shows are marked by 'moments of ownership' and photo opps - Ratheesh Reghunath claims a minute with the Red Ranger.

Meanwhile, 300 metres away on Saturday, the Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional finals were held. Saeed Al Mourri of KSA managed to unsettle a drum that rolled back into his path, just before his finishing line!

Fooled you! The backdrop belongs to the Corolla launch while this one is the FT-86 open concept revealed at the Motor Show.

Nothing gathers a crowd like a Freebie - even if it's a gunny bag with brochures inside!


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