A new decree in the official gazette, issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, marks a new and unified fee structure across the United Arab Emirates, with effect from the 1st of December.

Light vehicle owners will now have to pay AED 400 for first time registration and AED 350 for renewals (which was AED 250 earlier in Dubai). For vehicles that weigh 3 – 12 tonnes, this is AED 500 and 400 and for those above 12 tonnes, AED 900 and AED 800 respectively.

Change of ownership will cost AED 350 and re-registration AED 400. Light vehicle testing fees have also gone up from AED 120 in Dubai to AED 150 across the nation. Redoing this will cost AED 50 while a detailed technical test will require AED 350. Retrieving a picture from a radar speeding fine will cost AED 100.

It will now cost AED 200 to open a traffic file for driving license. Issuing a driving license for 1 year and replacement of lost and damaged license as well as renewal will cost AED 100 each. A temporary license will cost AED 400 while the issuance of Driving License for longer periods has a fee of AED 300 and transferring another country’s Driving License to the UAE will cost AED 600.


Fees for other major services

Inspection report for minor accident – AED 500

Traffic accident report (hit and run) – AED 400

Traffic conduct certificate for drivers – AED 150

Radar Speeding picture – AED 100

Black Points / Traffic fines clearance certificate – AED 100 each

Statement on Traffic Violations history – AED 50

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