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Now, you can modify your vehicle legally

At what point do bigger brake discs become unsafe? How enthusiastic can you get about reboring? How far can your tyres be tracked out? How loud can your exhaust notes be without waking up the police, if you aren’t worried about neighbours? You might know where to get these modifications …

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Cadillac ATS Coupe 2017 Review: Coup on compromise

Who buys coupes anymore? Thankfully, tens of thousands who don’t mind sacrificing a bit of their comforts for the sake of adding a sporty halo for two doors less. Cadillac ATS Coupe is the good news riding their way, for it demands much less of a compromise. THE DIMENSIONS: L …

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Renault Talisman 2017: Sophistique

Renault Talisman too has similar Korean origins like its predecessor Safrane. However, there is something French about the car apart from the badge itself, and I suspect it is the minimalism that greets you inside. THE DIMENSIONS in mm: 4848 x 2081 (door mirrors open) x 1752 (boot lid open) …

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