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Electric Adventure: Across UAE and Oman in an EV

Unfamiliarity is the root of fear and doubt. It’s the same for the silent shadows in the deserted alleys and for the stealthily advancing technology of clean energy. Then there is the anxiety that stems from the knowledge of haplessness – the sheer absence of support beyond the urban confines …

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Maserati GranTurismo 2018 Review: Natural Aspiration

Familiar muscle in a fresh finish snarled out of the Maserati garage – looking like a cloudy, ominous day. The looks that spent a decade being loved still celebrate the aggressive best of a gentleman. The exterior change was namesake and immediately visible in the bold vertical bars on the …

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Scrapped Mustangs kept alive and ticking!

Do cars have an after life? While most of them would ‘live on’ in classic car museums or framed as a living room memory, a Mustang that serves its time in the automotive world could come back into your personal space – alive and ticking. Visibly featuring traits of a …

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