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Honda CR-V Review: Stretching standards, and legs

The compact crossover segment is a tricky one. It is where every contender is pushing the limit to outgrow the segment itself, while keeping the price grounded. It is where one-upmanship shows up in gadgetry borrowed from the executive segment and legroom seems to grow twice as fast as the …

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First Aston Martin with AMR Badge Announced

AMR stands for Aston Martin Racing as announced at the Geneva Motor Show, hardly three months ago. Now, Aston Martin has revealed the Vantage AMR as the first model in the series to go into production. AMR to Aston Martin is what AMG is to Mercedes or what M means …

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Maserati GranTurismo Special Edition

The Maserati GranTurismo ‘Special Edition’ marking 60 years is now on display at Al Tayer Motors, Sheikh Zayed Road showroom in Dubai. Geneva Motor Show hosted the first Maserati Grand Touring car. The model was the 3500 GT, and that was 60 years ago. It sold over 2200 units in …

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