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The all-new Ford ‘Cutting’ Edge 2016: Overview

The Ford Edge has been rebuilt with a more athletic shape, more faces to the frontal polygon and two totally new Ecoboost® engines under its hood. ‘The all-new Ford Edge offers a fantastic driving experience, but the key thing that sets it apart from its competition is its technology.” says …

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Ferrari’s invitation to the Paris T Party

Next week, Paris will witness a change to the fairly new GTC4Lusso as it gains a suffix – the T that stands for Turbo-charged. The GTC4 Lusso T as it will be called, the luxurious ‘everyday Ferrari’ will be the first four-seat Ferrari with a turbo-charged engine and the third …

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Land Rover Discovery Sport 2016 Review: Seven out of five

Pedigree is an enviable thing. Like Paris Hilton’s poodle that makes the world go green, cuddling up to her and counting eyeballs, while lapping up what dribbles down the glass that the heiress holds. The Land Rover Discovery Sport has pedigree but it is no toy poodle. THE SPECS: 2.0 …

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